About Us

About Us

Ict factory was founded the 1st of April 2006.

We see our mission to support you with our services and solutions and to let you profit from our competitive advantages. How does this happen?
Together with us you can reach your business objectives, because

  • we are flexible and highly motivated
  • we are  fast in realization of business ideas and innovations
  • we are close to our customers and their markets
  • we have over 20 - year experience and expertise in telecommunications and information technology
  • we have combined the business competencies with technology know-how
  • We have an extensive and high quality network of partners
  • you can benefit from our personality


Our goal is to provide our customers the best quality services and solutions. This goal we want to achieve, in cooperation with our customers in order to gain and expand long-term partnerships.

As a small company, we see our chance in the rapidly changing markets.

We want to achieve growth as we meet with our services, the increasing demands and needs of our customers.

Our corporate philosophy is therefore:

  • Transparency
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Early involvement of the customer
  • Open communication
  • Technology as an enabler of innovative business solutions


Our main competitive advantage is our business expertise combined with our technical know-how. In addition to the conceptual work, we are always anxious to participate actively in their implementation as project staff or as a project consultant.

This approach guarantees that our concepts that we develop for you can be implemented accordingly. Active participation in the implementation guarantees us in return for concepts that are not only "PowerPoint clouds."

In the following areas of knowledge, we have successfully used this procedures:

Mobile Computing
Creating concepts and architectures for wireless enterprise applications taking into account the specific connection properties in a mobile environment (vs. connected. disconnected). Best practices in the form of architectural patterns (blueprints) for seamless handover, connection management, PIM synchronization, device management and authentication concepts (security).

Creating concepts and architectures for Web Applications Security. Implementation & migration of existing Web applications to "reverse proxy" architecture pattern. Implementation of authentication and "Trust Association" solutions.

Creation of test concepts, as well as development and implementation of test cases and test instructions in the context of integration testing. Concepts and build test infrastructure for the implementation of automated unit and integration tests in the field of software development ( "Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration")

Business Process Management
Introduction of BPM-SOA solutions on the strategic level, modeling of technical processes and the automation of processes and their integration into the existing ICT - infrastructure. Perform SOA transformation of existing legacy IT - landscapes, both on the strategic, as well as onthe implementation level.

Open Source
Our concepts and solutions are based largely on open source solutions. If necessary, we also integrate commercial product. For us, open architectures and standards are the key factors for a successful and above all, sustainable solution.

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