Mobile App

BKW Mobile App Juvent Windpark

Visualisation of the live data produced by wind turbines in the wind park from the BKW.

The wind park on the mont Crosin consists of 16 wind turbines. They produce live measurement data for the power production, the wind direction, the windspeed and the temperature.


BKW wanted to provide to the visitors of the wind park a mobile App with augmented reality capabilities. The App displays the live data produced for every turbine. The visitor can point with the camera to the wind turbine and he/she will get the actual production data of the specific turbine as an overlay. In addition an alarm level for thunder storm, ice and wind is collected an displayed. The App is available for apple and android devices.


The App and the data integration is designed and developed by ict factory


  • The mobile app is developed on the appcelerator platform
  • The live data from the turbine is collected from an OPC Server and further processed with XSLT
  • The weather data is provided as a json file