Business Process ManagementDigitalisation

BKW Visitor and Event Management

Integration of a new Visitor and Event management for BKW.


The power supplier of the district Berne (BKW) offers events at different power plant locations. The events are targeting different user groups such as schools, companies, clubs and individuals. The events must be booked in advance. The availability of the event is checked at booking time against different  resources mainly the location and the available guides for a specific time.

The main objective of the project was to improve the overall processes for the whole customer journey, from the booking until the payment of a visit. Due to some organisational changes the degree of digitalisation had to be increased. A new online Booking system was designed and implemented and the back office processes where standardised and automated.


The following roles were done by ict factory:

  • Business analysis
  • Process modelling
  • Business project management
  • Technical project management

Technologies used:

  • BPMN 2.0 for the identification of the existing and the modelling of the new processes
  • PSK from eitco as the base platform for the visitor and event management
  • angular for the implementation of the online Booking System