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Business Process Management

With increasing competitors and rising cost pressures, the need for lean and efficient business processes is more important than ever. But not only the efficiency and quality become important features. Well-documented business processes are also an essential pillar of a successful pandemic plan in an enterprise.

Even in difficult economic times it is important to be a step ahead of the competitors. For successful companies it is an important competitive advantage to know its own business processes and to make use of information systems with appropriate best management tools for rapid action.


Our offer
Together with our partners we offer a comprehensive, integrated solution that covers the entire lifecycle of your business processes:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Modeling the functional processes
  • Modeling of technical processes
  • Automation of processes
  • Monitoring / Reporting (Management Cockpit)

Our approach is based on an agile method, so you can see very rapid initial successes. Our solution is fully scalable on its functionality and on the performance. Depending on the service level requirements, high availability solutions can be provided. You decide which processes shall be modeled and to which level of detail the automation shall be done.

The slogan “Pay as you grow” is getting a reality.

Together with you and your experts, we analyze your business processes and elaborate during workshops the business process models using interview techniques. On the basis of the business process models, we then design and implement the technical processes and do the integration with the systems of the existing IT – landscape.

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Software Factory

“Agility means Agility. Agility requires freedom and liberties, that is, deviation from prescribed standards or, perhaps, rigid, but possibly also good regulations. Wherever freedom is created, there are responsibilities as the obverse of the coin. Freedom without responsibility is selfish and unilateral pursuit of interests. Responsibility in turn requires expertise. ” (Zitat: Oestereich, 2008, S. 19).

Unlike traditional approaches agile methods allow efficient and flexible planning and implementation of software development projects. Requirements and features are defined as stories or sprints on a short term bases (2 to 4 weeks cycles). The short cycles assure that you get a very early feedback of the system under development. You as a customer are involved much more in the development process.

This is one reason why we can react quickly and flexibly to your changes. In addition, this method makes it possible that sub-functions can be taken in operation very early in the development process.


Our offer
Concepts such as “Test Driven Development”, “Unit Testing”, “Collective Code Ownership”, “Agile Configuration Management” or “Continuous Integration” is a prerequisite for a successful software factory.

Together with you we analyze your existing development environment and create concepts for implementing a software factory. Our main focus is the use of open source tools. If circumstances require, also commercial products will be evaluated and used.

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Mobile Information Platform

Accurately informed

New in our product portfolio, we offer the service users ‘BluFi’. BluFi is an innovative platform, which we offer together with an international partner. BluFi allows you to send multimedia content for free via Bluetooth to your customers, and precisely when they are within your area.

Via Access Points customers can download multimedia content such as music files, videos, games, contests, surveys, news, events, advertising and much more on their mobile phones. The BluFi application provides all the information directly into the hands of customers, namely dependent on time and location. When a customer enters the “blue zone”, he or she is supplied automatically and free of charge with the latest information, promotions or offers. If that is not maximum customer proximity, then what?

Together with you we design and develop new information and advertising campaigns. Thus, international experience in proximity marketing come together with knowledge of local needs and behavior patterns of consumers. Important for the efficient delivery of information is the right choice of the BluFi locations. Our knowledge in the field of Bluetooth network planning is available for the optimal selection of antenna locations.

The necessary server platform is hosted by us. Thus, only low investment costs occure for you because there are no integration costs for a new platform.

We help you translate your vision into reality.