Our goal is to provide our customers the best quality services and solutions. This goal we want to achieve, in cooperation with our customers in order to gain and expand long-term partnerships.

As a small company, we see our chance  in the rapidly changing markets.

We want to achieve growth as we meet with our services, the increasing demands and needs of our customers.
Our corporate philosophy is therefore

  • Transparency
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Early involvement of the customer
  • Open communication
  • Technology as an enabler of innovative business solutions


Our Services

Project Management

We offer customized solutions in terms of your strategies, needs and corporate culture.

To be of use for you is our experience in agile project management. Using Scrum, XP, Lean Software Development or APM we lead, guide and support you throughout the whole project process.

You want to introduce an agile methodology in your company? We are happy to help you. Already in the preparatory phase for a project we are able to measure the agile maturity and agile level of your project team. In workshops, we will prepare your team to agile work and apply the method directly in the project.

“True success comes with Scrum teams and organizations who understand these values and principles that form the foundation of all agile processes.”

Quote: http://www.scrumalliance.org/pages/what_is_scrum


Successful solutions are characterised by a holistic view of your environment. People, business needs and IT – environments need to be linked and integrated to an overall view.

With our competencies, our partner network and our expertise, we are able to assist you in integrating these cornerstones of success. Be it in the development of new software components, or in implementing new business strategies.

Using the latest technologies, we can work with you to analyze your business processes. Taking into account your employees’ needs we can integrate your existing IT systems into automated processes.

We provide support for the implementation of management information systems that allows you to run and monitor processes and build the necessary foundation for continuous improvement of your business processes.


Speed, responsiveness and market orientation are becoming increasingly important for success of an enterprise in a competitive environment. Constant social change, and technology trends with short life cycles are influencing the beahivour of the customers. Lean and efficient business processes in addition with the integration of all stakeholders are increasingly important for the success of a company.

So you can focus on your core business and still can profit from the latest technologies, we can advise on the implementation of your strategic goals, with competent technical and technological know-how

The communicative exchange with our customers is our priority. Together with you we develop for you the right solution.

  • We undertake consulting assignments and assist you in the preparation and implementation of IT – Business strategies and IT – architectures, as well as in the development of solutions – concepts and their implementation.
  • In the role of General Contractor, regardless of business size and -area we work with your software projects or take over the project leadership.
  • We offer Bodyleasing for IT – projects.
  • We support you in the preparation of tender documents for the implementation of IT – projects, as well as in the evaluation of tenders.
  • We create “second opinions” of your strategies and IT solutions, and we carry out appropriate architecture assessments.

Our Partners


Project136 is a platform where we focus on developing global human resource and creating cross-border business & investment opportunities with sophisticated global professionals.

Project136 brings experienced & problem-driven entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and artists together to help create a new zero to one business opportunity.


appculture is a Swiss company with high competencies in the design and development of mobile applications on different mobile platforms such as iOS and android. UX design and digitalisation of customer engagements in a wide range of enterprise and consumer segments.


itopia is a swiss compny active in the banking and insurance management consulting
– risk managemnt
– corporate strategies
– set up target operation models for banking